Square One

Innovative Point Source Radiation
Professional Active Studio Loudspeakers for Nearfield and Midfield Monitoring Environments

Acoustic Design

Addressing Challenges With Non-Conventional Approach Including Enlcosure, Driver System and Signal Processing Design.

The Way To Improve The Acoustic System Capabilities And Achieve Sonic Performance Much Closer To The Source.

Pure Performace Components

The Highest Performance Innovative Components Are Employed To Achieve Very Low Non-Linear, Linear Distortions And Point Source System Behaviour.

Very High Output Volume And Excellent Transient Response Is Achieved In A Very Compact Enclosure Design

  • Drivers

    High Sensitivity, Low Distortion, Great Transient Response HF Drivers. Very Low Distortion Exceptionally Long Linear Excursion LF Drivers.
  • Electronics

    Each Loudspeaker Uses True High Fidelity DSP Controlled 200W HF and 400W LF Class D Amplification.
  • Enclosure

    Acoustic Resonance Design with Acoustic Load Chambers To Control Drivers X-max And Improve Their Behaviour At X-Over Frequencies.

Maximum reliability

Every Part In Square Audio Professional Studio Monitors Is Applied To Achieve Highest Quality Performance During The Audio Monitoring Process.

Components With Increased Durability And Lowest Distortion Specifications Are Used To Ensure Less Possible Ear Fatigue And Extend The Life Of The Speakers.


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